Monday, November 10, 2008

Paradise Graces A Simple Mind

Point of Life Inc is delighted to announce the publication of a new inspirational book ...

Michael Levy's new book, "Paradise Graces A Simple Mind," lifts the vale of space and time to reveal how each poignant moment can release thoughts of encouragement that will block any attempt of flim-flam, living as a slave in other peoples erroneous lifestyle. A simple mind has no room for worry or fear, however, many negative distractions strive to overrun the mind and pilfer the joy of the moment.

Eloquent words fluently express facts of life concerning people who come to problematic crossroads in their life... The path they choose to travel can make all the difference on the outcome of their lives and towards everyone they are connected. It could be stock market investments. Maybe it relates to health issues or family problems. No matter what problems arise there are natural answers that can solve the most demanding questions

A simple mind knows how to protect its space and time on earth. It enables every person to select authentic choices to grow and prosper in a trustworthy reality of balanced contentment. To seize the day, transforming every adversity into successful blissfulness. Michael Levy is a professional optimist, his philosophy of life is one of joyful optimism. He is an international radio host and the author of nine inspirational books. Michael's poetry and essays grace many web sites, newspapers, journals and magazines throughout the world. He is a prominent speaker on health and wellness maintenance, stress eradication, wealth creation and development, authentic happiness and inspirational poetry. The masterful inspirational book "Paradise Graces A Simple Mind," is available everywhere helpful and supportive books are sold in aid of the quest for human potential to flourish.

ISBN 9780981936703
PUB date ... 11/05/2008

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