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Political Viewpoints

Political Viewpoints.

What are your views on the state of politics world wide?


At November 30, 2004 at 9:27 AM, Blogger Mike Levy said...

How Will The Next President Affect Health Care For Women?" by Michael Levy.

Apart from terrorism, perhaps the most important issue to American women is the escalating cost of health care insurance. The latest statistics declare health care insurance is up eleven percent this year. As women become more stressed out by modern day living, the pressure on the health service will expand. More expensive drugs will be needed to treat expanding diseases This will relate to more health insurance claims and thus send premiums rocketing skywards.

Women face an ever rising spiral of illness, thus, making health insurance even more unaffordable. Why especially women ... well, let's go back in time fifty years or so.......

They say time fly's when we enjoy ourselves and I guess I must have been having a ball because I do not know where my fifty-nine years have flown? I can remember many things about my childhood, and one thing that seems crystal clear is they way we respected women. Whenever I traveled by bus and it was full, with standing room only, I would always give up my seat for a woman. Most other lads and most young men did the same. That was about forty-eight years ago and by the time I reached twenty things changed. It was in the mid-sixty's when women started to burn their bra and began their quest to become men's equal.

The rest is now history and today's woman has all the equality they could crave, but it does come at a price. Heart attacks that was one mainly kept in the mans domain is now more prevalent amongst working women. The statistics state woman cannot handle alcohol as well as a man and their livers suffer more. Hence, more women will die of alcohol related illness than they did fifty years ago. More women smoke now and 70,000 women a year die of cigarette smoke related disease. That is over twice the number who will die from breast cancer. The statistics go on and on, but I think you get my gist. More stress means women mistakenly look to 'substitute stuff' to cure what ails them and the substitute stress relievers do not comfort, nor do they relieve..... they kill. So health insurance is needed by the modern woman, for who can afford to be without insurance?

Indeed, over forty-five million Americans (15.5% of the population) cannot afford insurance now. In a few years time that number could conceivably double if present trends continue. So the question any of the political party's have an authentic answer to the problem? It would seem all they can guarantee is fuzzy waffle, empty promises, vague undertakings and shrouded uncertainty ... That will not be of any help to the women who want positive action. But perhaps the action required is not in the hands of the politicians, at least not directly. The responsibility of a women health belongs to the women themselves. They just need an authentic president to show them the correct route to illness prevention.

A good policy for the new president would be one that educates women on how to take care of themselves and prevent illness from occurring. Since every self-inflicted illness comes from the mind in one way or another, it would seem a re-education on the way women think is the only true answer that will cut the cost of healthcare insurance. The president should bring in the following policies ........

1: Since most health premiums are paid by companies it is they who will regulate the health of their employees.
Women need to learn how to reeducate the taste buds so that they do not crave high fat and high sugary foods. Companies should be given incentives to educate their employees and for every successful fitter employee, lower health premiums should apply.

2: For those who ignore the information, they will pay higher premiums.
Regular exercise should be an intricate part of every woman's lifestyle and anyone who is able to exercise and doesn't will pay higher health premiums. Those that exercise pay lower premiums. Smokers pay higher premiums -- non-smokers pay reduced premiums. Alcoholic consumers (more that three glass of wine a week) pay higher premiums -- non-drinkers pay reduced premiums.

3: Stress reduction classes become part of a mandatory regime, for at least half an hour a day, every day, in every company in the USA.

With a faithful adherence to these few simple precautionary measures the cost of health insurance will be drastically reduced. But so will the profits of the pharmaceutical companies and that may be why no political party will carry out the proposed enactment's of disease prevention.
So, the big question is......Is the new president going to bring in an illness prevention bill?

Oh! You may ask, why is it only women I write about?.... Well, women are far more sensible than men. Many men believe they are John Wayne and will soldier on regardless. However, if women can take the lead and show them how to eliminate many diseases, then that will make women a far more than just equals ... And the journey to freedom would have been well worth traveling. Let's hope the new president will not be gasping and wheezing on hot air for the next four years.

© Michael Levy October 2004

At December 2, 2004 at 2:28 AM, Blogger Joy A. Burki-Watson said...

This poem, written to form, wished to address the issues of "God" that keep surfacing in America. "One nation under God". Yes!we should pray, Yes! we should pledge allegiance, and Yes! respect what our money says too! In God We Trust ...

On The Edge

As if we don’t have enough to think
while impending plights become tedious
all of us standing too close to the brink

One nation we’ve stood, for years signed in ink
while our pockets were filled with “In God We Trust”
as if we don’t have enough to think

Watching our dollars, go right down the sink
who won’t say the pledge? if “God” is a must
all of us standing too close to the brink

Since “terror’s” a word from which we all shrink
new buzz words come out - “you’ll have to adjust”
as if we don’t have enough to think

Eastern unrest could be war in a wink
which could be raising some horrible dust
all of us standing too close to the brink

When we join hands so united we link
is it wise? to “God” that we cuss
as if we don’t have enough to think
all of us standing - too close to the brink ...

© 2003 Joy A. Burki-Watson

Read more of my thoughts @

At January 24, 2006 at 2:40 AM, Blogger Alicia Bennett said...

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