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An English Classic Book Renewed for Children of All Ages

An English Classic Book Renewed for Children of All Ages ---

Have You Ever Heard the Name Goody Two Shoes?

Many people have heard the name Goody Two Shoes, but very few people on earth have read the book ... It was as famous as the works of William Shakespeare and Harry Potter in a bygone age and forgotten for the past 60 years until now!

The Inspiring Story of Little Goody Two Shoes.

The story of Little Goody Two Shoes, was one of the most famous, popular and influential children's/adults books of the eighteenth century. It was first published in 1765 and had an unparalleled status for over two hundred years. At long last, Point of Life publishing house has renewed, refreshed, revitalized and recreated the literature masterpiece.

By the inspirational pen of Michael Levy, the creative publication has been gracefully transformed, while at the same time keeping to the original text and meaning as much as possible. It is an updated, encouraging book that is required inspiring reading for all children and adults.

From humble beginnings the little orphan girl teaches children and adults to learn to read and write with wisdom. The inspirational tale follows Little Goody Two Shoes on many adventures that challenge her sanity and survival. In the second part of the story, as an adult Miss Margery, becomes headmistress of the ABC College of education. She also teaches adults how to stop quarreling and live a peaceful, wholesome life... She invents a three cornered "Pals Hat" (Peace and Love - Smile) that has thought provoking words written on each side.

The hat helps people become aware of the differences in their opinions ... It conveys messages to them that allows time to stop and think about how they can meet each other in the middle of their opinions, so that together they can embrace peace and harmony.
The new edition has been restored and revitalized to its rightful place as one of the best children's books of all time and is sure to become a best seller for the next two hundred years and beyond.Book Details

The Inspiring Story of Little Goody Two ShoesPublisher: Point of Life Inc.ISBN Numbers 978-0-9668069-9-1Publication date 07/04/07 Number of Pages 139Paperback 6x 9 Price $12.95Distributors:Ingram'sBaker and Taylor

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Michael Levy is the author of eight inspirational books. Michael's poetry and essays now grace many web sites, newspapers, journals and magazines throughout the world. He is a prominent speaker on health maintenance, stress eradication, wealth development, authentic happiness and inspirational poetry.

Quote "Beginners luck can last a lifetime once we understand how lucky we are to be born" _Michael Levy


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